Top 4 Not To Do Before Buying Your First Home

Top 4 Tips of What NOT to do Before Buying Your First Home

So what shouldn't you do before buying a home? This can be a loaded question if you learn the hard...
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New Hampshire Resident Mortgages

What types of Mortgages are available to New Hampshire Residents?

New Hampshire Mortgages There are a variety of different mortgages available to New Hampshire...
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Homes for Heroes Nashua New Hampshire

Exciting Update Homes for Heroes Coming to Nashua and Surrounding Cities

Homes for Heroes Nashua New Hampshire Attention all Heroes! There couldn't be a better time to...
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How to choose a Mortgage Broker - Top 6

What Makes a Good Mortgage Broker? Top 6 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker

As a Realtor in New Hampshire referring a client to a good mortgage broker can make or break a...
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HELOC - Guide to Home Equity Loans in NH

What is Equity in a Home? Guide to Home Equity Loans in NH

What is Equity in a Home? Guide to HELOC's and Equity Loans in New Hampshire Equity in your house...
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How to assess the cost of a house rehab or flip property

6 Simple Steps to Assess the Real Cost of a Fixer-Upper House

This will help you figure out how much to offer for a fixer-upper. Trying to decide whether...
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How to Disinfect from Coronavirus

How to Disinfect Your Home in the Time of Coronavirus

By: Christina Hoffmann Published: March 17, 2020 A bleach solution or rubbing alcohol is your...
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It Might Be Better To Avoid Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Inc.’s (TSE:BRE) Upcoming Dividend – Yahoo Finance

Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Inc. (TSE:BRE) is about to trade ex-dividend...
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