Area real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 12 – TribLIVE


Mark Schneider sold property at 1001 Grandview Ave. Apt 802 to Rosemary Kasper for $80,000.

Nicholas Andruszka sold property at 1308 Terrace to Michael and Kaleena Dilts for $139,900.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee sold property at 37 Parkview Drive to Stephen and Medina Vickers for $181,500.


Diana Torrell sold property at 1603 Cambridge Drive to Frank Anthony and Carri Reda for $458,000.

Ronda Sawhill sold property at 2111 Croghan Drive to Raymond and Pamela Smithyman for $310,500.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at 1036 Livorno Drive to Lachin Shamshidinov and Gulsanamkhon Khatamova for $367,535.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at 1045 Livorno Drive to Jonathan and Ruiko Allessie for $408,900.

Rosario Mascellino sold property at 332-334 Nesbitt St. to Elizabeth Souilliard for $6,700 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $93,264).

Joseph Cuervo sold property at 8000 Sherwood Drive to Joseph and Dallas Michelucci for $715,000.

Ryan Gubala sold property at 425 Stafford Ave. to Michael Feldbauer Jr. and Lauren Feldbauer for $149,000.

Wen Lar Corp. sold property at 1371-1373 Washington Pike to Baptist Management Services Inc. for $1,300,000.


Janet Coleman sold property at 1583 Barr Ave. to West Jefferson LLC for $125,000.

Green Tree

Thomas Bean Jr. sold property at 1015 Greentree Road to Metro Developers LLC for $90,000.


Matthew Smith sold property at 22 Evans Ave. to Lori Zulka for $175,000.

Lindsey Vlasic sold property at 77 Evans Ave. to Kevin Falk and Jessica Mamaeff for $131,600.

Kortney Marszalek sold property at 1002 Middletown Road to Duncan and Kasandra Shaw for $124,900.


NVR Inc. sold property at 162 Cole Drive to Miroslav Novak for $384,464.

Audra C Buechele Beatty sold property at 1505 Kenzie Drive to Kathleen Collins for $140,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 237 Sonni Ln to Richard and Sheila McAdams for $538,567.


Angela Rach sold property at 1947 Borland Road to Chloe Smith for $158,000.

William Matheson trustee sold property at 1070 Chatham Park Drive Apt 240 to Philip and Michael Raciato for $98,500.

Marcia Harenski sold property at 1500 Cochran Road Apt 605 to David and Beverly Ganser for $212,500.

Frederick Farrell sold property at 3 Elm Drive to Katherine Trybus for $134,070.

Patricia Nagle sold property at 29 Greenbriar Drive to Donna Warren for $130,000.

Suzanne Voss sold property at Jamestown Drive to Helen Gibb for $4,500.

Betty Belle Brunner sold property at 1432 Meadowlark Drive to James Ehland for $155,000.

John Wisniewski sold property at 729 Orchard St. to AMD Construction & Development LLC for $50,000.

Carole S Phaturos Lagios sold property at 710 Robin Drive to Joshua and Angela Conklin for $285,000.

South Fayette

Michael Iagnemma sold property at 118 Central Ave. to Grant Meyers and Rikkee Gordon for $190,000.

Nicole Downing sold property at 28020 Evergreen Run Road to Dawn Szabo for $75,000.

Great Rentals LLC sold property at 61 Orchard Drive to RJ3 Properties LLC for $270,000.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold property at 1512 Orion Road to William and Frankie Jo Gray for $549,990.

Jerome Michalec sold property at 9207 Sundance Drive to Carole and Helen Pamela Lagios for $227,900.

NVR Inc. sold property at 4433 Walnut Ridge Cir to Bradley and Bethany Wagner for $637,590.

Upper St. Clair

Nigel Cumberbatch sold property at 3341 Bethel Church Road to Sadat Agbemenyah and Xaverine Umulisa for $160,000.

Charles Morgenstern sold property at 2226 Country Club Drive to Louis James Reda and Jamie Lynn Cekada for $294,900.

Lori Pash sold property at 1697 Hathaway Ln to Robert Hall and John Sloane for $400,000.

Kara D Rutowski Mostowy sold property at 477 Long Drive to Mustafa and Hatice Gurkan for $269,000.

Douglas Miller sold property at 2615 Quail Hill Drive to Charles and Nicole Kathleen Morgenstern for $550,000.

Gregg Schmidt sold property at 1530 Scenery Ridge Drive to Jeffrey Plymell and Vicki Cayuela for $475,000.

Peter Lee sold property at 2467 Southvue Drive to Reece and Shana Garrett for $334,000.

John B DaCosta sold property at 1204 Star Ridge Drive to Collin Hutterer and Sara Toretti for $200,000.

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