Real Estate – January 25 – Greenfield Daily Reporter

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Nov. 6

Kim Guajardo to Kim Guajardo, 331 W. Staat St., Fortville, $90,000.

Harvey Construction Company Inc. to Arbor Homes, 506 N. Quartz Lane, Fortville, $46,000.

Teco Johnson and Audre Johnson to Kent Bird and Camille Khan-Bird, 6244 N. Woodbury Drive, McCordsville, $260,000.

Aaron and Lindsay Forshey to Thomas Bonwell, 127 Thistle Wood Drive, Greenfield, $139,000.

Nathan A. Robinson to Justin and Audrey Brattain, 3879 S. Cedar Creek Lane, New Palestine, $307,500.

Ronald R. Allen Jr. to Kevin M. and Traci L. Carter, 7672 Fieldstone Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $316,000.

Emma J. Davies-Dixon and Scott R. Dixon to Brett M. and Heather Chase, North County Road 50E, Green Township, $250,000.

Kellie L. Kelly to Nicholas A. Desbatine, 9909 N. County Road 125W, Vernon Township, $95,000.

Samantha J. Maroska to Megan M. Dishman, 828 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $178,000.

Alisa A. Elliott to Aaron J. and Lindsay Forshey, 110 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $186,000.

Troy D. Hoffman to Michael A. and Katelyn M. Garst, 5426 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $555,000.

CUB LLC to Erik R. and Vicki L. Hubert, 1705 Chapman Drive, Greenfield, $208,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michele R. Archuleta, 494 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $149,241.

Jamie Burkhard and Joseph Kinslow to Lonnie L. Wright III, 12118 Valley Brook Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $244,000.

D.R. Horton–Indiana LLC to Jacob A. and Billie K. White, 205 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $233,901.

Ronald W. Holbrook to Walgren Revocable Living Trust, 1731 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $500,000.

Jeffery and Sheri Williams to Terry L. Hulen and Angela L. Hulen, 5282 W. Blue Bell Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $217,900.

Beth A. Rickert to Donnie C. Vaughn, 2396 S. Moeller Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $220,000.

Steve L. and Traci L. Collings to Alexander H. and Bonnie J. Uelk, 920 Sheets Court, Greenfield, $228,000.

Sandford Investments LLP to Brian and Elizabeth Kremer, 6973 W. County Road 300 S., Sugar Creek Township, $109,450.

Erin Orr and Douglas A. Srail to Austin D. Monday, 413 E. New York St., Fortville, $160,201.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Aquilino M. Padilla Meza, 2697 Autumn Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $199,155.

Silverthorne Homes to Sara A. and Michael E. Roque, 5614 Stone Grove Court, McCordsville, $313,601.

NK1 LLC to Davis Building Group LLC, 403 Thomas Point Drive, Fortville, $120,000.

Arbor Homes to James F. Taylor, 403 N. Crystal Drive, Fortville, $328,507.

Adam C. Stier to Latisha R. Johnson, 5798 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $203,000.

Nov. 7

CLM Pallet Real Estate LLC to DEBO Properties LLC, W. County Road 1000N, Fortville, $528,000.

Sandra S. Wethington to Nang and Chi V. Huynh, 704 Breakers Lane, Fortville, $132,500.

BAF 2 TRS LLC to Du V. Nguyen and Phu T. Nguyen, 310 Walnut St., Greenfield, $55,000.

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