Top 4 Not To Do Before Buying Your First Home

Top 4 Tips of What NOT to do Before Buying Your First Home

So what shouldn't you do before buying a home? This can be a loaded question if you learn the hard way! I'll keep it simple today with my Top 4 Tips of what not to do before buying your first home. These basic principles revolve around credit, debt and education. Let's dive right in! 1. Work on your credit You get a better interest rate on a mortgage about every 20 point brackets. The difference of a 1/4...

New Hampshire Resident Mortgages

What types of Mortgages are available to New Hampshire Residents?

New Hampshire Mortgages There are a variety of different mortgages available to New Hampshire residents and some of these are only available to NH residents. Here is an overview of some of the more common loans. Home Flex Plus and Home Preferred Plus These programs are offered through the state of New Hampshire's Housing authority or the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. These mortgages are an...

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